Heartland Nuts

Nuts About Nuts!

You don't have to be a squirrel to be nuts about nuts. In fact, if you've ever wondered where your favorite nuts come from or are looking for new ways to cook or bake with nuts, the following articles tell you all that and more. From almonds to walnuts, from home made peanut butter to holiday gift giving ideas, if it pertains to nuts or contains nuts, you'll find it here.

Read recipes for oven roasting and seasoning your favorite kinds of nuts. Then, learn about some of the various health benefits of different nuts. While reading, you'll find resources to learn more about incorporating nuts into your diet, where to buy gourmet nuts and even learn about nut allergies. You can read about history and even some fun facts that pertain to nuts.

The following pages also contain information about popular nuts such as almonds, pecans, pistachio nuts and peanuts along with their growing locations and byproducts of the plants or trees they grow on. Basically, what follows is everything you ever wanted to know about nuts and then some. And that's it - in a nutshell.

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