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Beer Nuts

Beer Nuts, a well-known trademarked snack, began in 1937 in Bloomington, Illinois when Edward G. Shirk and his family purchased a confectionery shop and a recipe for specially glazed peanuts. The family business, dubbed the Carmel Crisp Shop, was a success and Beer Nuts actually got their start as "redskins" due to the fact that the peanuts were prepared with the skins in tact.

Redskins sold well over the counter in the shop and in the 1950s, a potato chip distributor named Eldridge Brewster teamed up with Edward Shirk's son Russell to distribute the nuts. Not knowing how well they would sell, Brewster and Shirk targeted taverns and bars in areas in and around Bloomington. Hence, the product name Beer Nuts was born. Today, Beer Nuts are still family owned and manufactured in Bloomington, Illinois using the same glaze recipe as in 1937.

In addition to their Original Peanuts, Beer Nuts product line has increased to include Kettle Cooked Peanuts and cashews, almonds, pecans and macadamia nuts all prepared with the special glaze. Consumers can purchase Beer Nuts mixed or individually and a few specialty items including crunchy coated peanuts and chocolate covered nuts. Beer Nuts also sells novelty items such as display kegs that double as serving dishes and decorative tins for gift giving. Beer Nuts are available at retailers and grocery snack isles all across the United States. The original Beer Nuts peanuts sell for about $3.00 a pound.

True Beer Nuts fans can order gift and corporate bundles, join the Beer Nut of the Month Club, and even purchase Beer Nuts gear like hats, shirts, glassware, and collectibles. The Beer Nuts website offers online ordering of all products and even provides a variety of recipes for appetizers, salads, entrees and even desserts that use Beer Nuts.

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