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Gourmet Candy and Nuts

When hosting your next party, consider setting out gourmet candy and nuts for before and after dinner snacking. Candy and nuts creates the perfect combination of sweet and salty while gourmet candy and nuts makes a statement beyond the ordinary snack mix. Typically, chocolate is the preferred accompaniment to nuts, but variations of candy and candy coating will create an appealing and appetizing snack dish.

When serving gourmet candy and nuts, you can of course buy prepared portions from a variety of sources and this saves time. However, if you are looking to make a statement or would like to create a large batch of gourmet candy and nuts to give as gifts, it is less expensive to prepare your own mix.

Begin with a varied selection of finer nuts such as macadamia, cashew, pistachio, and hazelnuts. You can choose to roast them or not, add seasonings or leave plain. Next, determine the sweet flavors that will go best with your selection of nuts. For example, macadamia nuts beg for a white chocolate companion. You may choose to coat the nuts in the chocolate or make your own molds. Similarly, some people do not enjoy cashews with milk chocolate. Experiment with dark, light, and milk chocolate to find the perfect combination.

To make your candy and nut mix with flair, melt chocolates and pour into small, decorative molds. Additionally, consider coating fruits, such as cherries or raisins that will go well with your mix. For a truly gourmet candy and nut mix, try filling chocolate molds with a creamy liquor center. Pistachio and Irish crème are a delectable combination. Be creative with different flavors and textures.

To package gourmet candy and nuts, be wary of whether the candy will require refrigeration and package accordingly. Decorative tins and plastic containers are nice for a mix that requires air tight storage or refrigeration and candy boxes likewise work for mixes that can be left out for a few days. Either packing method is especially useful if you plan to make gourmet candy and nuts as gifts.

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