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Gourmet Nuts

Gourmet nuts when purchased retail are usually a combination of rarer, more expensive nuts such as pistachio, cashew and macadamia nuts and are often fresh roasted or flavored with cinnamon or honey. Because gourmet nuts include these imported, harder to grow nuts, they can be an expensive purchase upwards of $30 per pound.

Gourmet nuts are sometimes combined with dried fruits and make nice gifts for shipping, hors' derves for parties, or a special treat. When purchasing gourmet nuts, be weary of other less expensive nuts being thrown in to account for weight. Peanuts should not be included in a mix of gourmet nuts selling for $30 a pound.

Gourmet nuts can be ordered from a slue of online retailers or can be purchased from specialty stores, upscale supermarkets, and are more readily available at discount merchandisers during the holidays. Mixed gourmet nuts do make decent gifts for office or school personnel and similarly recognized recipients since they can be served at parties or set out for sharing. When special ordering gourmet nuts as gifts, you can be confident that you are receiving a genuine gourmet blend, but will pay a higher price than pre-packaged varieties available at retail stores. When buying retail, check the box to determine the packing percentage of less expensive nuts and compare costs. A mix containing peanuts or pecans isn't any less tasty, but should be less costly.

Specialty stores such as Trophy Nuts will sell single varieties of gourmet nuts in addition to mixes. You can purchase specific quantities of certain nuts and bring them home to create your own gourmet nut mixes. You can also use these gourmet nuts as additions to other dishes such as cookies, deserts, and snack mixes or you can season and roast them and then package them for a more home-made approach to serving or giving them as a gift.

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