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Soup To Nuts

Actually, the term 'soup to nuts' is a metaphorical phrase that refers to the completeness of a meal. Suspected to have been first referenced in early Roman times when feasts could last all day, or even several days, soup would be the first course and by the end of the feast, when guests were stuffed to capacity, nuts would make a light but flavorful ending to the meal. Today, soup to nuts simply means a very complete, very excellent dinner party or other engagement involving food.

A soup to nuts reception for example, would refer to a reception that included a starter course of soup, a salad, main course, and dessert. Much like an after-dinner mint, nuts simply make a palatable finish to a meal - especially following a dessert.

The soup to nuts phrase would be a reference a caterer or chef would understand when planning an engagement, but you don't need a caterer to host your own soup to nuts event. The next time you decide to throw a dinner party, have some fun and create an invitation that reflects this old adage. Your "soup to nuts dinner party" could very well be the event of the season.

Plan your dinner menu to include an actual soup starter. Nothing says "let's eat" better than the smell of steaming hot soup. Choose your favorite soup and plan the rest of the meal around it. You could make a simple tomato soup to start off or any combination of soup, stew, or chowder. Coordinate your main dish with the soup you will be serving and choose a dessert, such as chocolate or pie that will beg for just a handful of nuts after digesting. To have even more fun, create a theme such as a roman feast with a suitable dinner menu and request guests come dressed appropriately. Complete your meal with wine or flavored coffee that will allow after-dinner conversation to flow. Your soup to nuts event may inspire guests to reciprocate and thus begin a fun tradition between friends.

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